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Splendor Design Group is an award-winning website design company and digital marketing agency established in 1999. We help your business or organization communicate its message to your target market in a variety of mediums through intelligent and effective branding, website design, web development, and digital marketing.


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Web Design NJ

Website design is much more than a page with your phone number, your address, or a list of services you provide.

Web design is all about the experience. It’s an opportunity to communicate with your target audience, capture their attention, and let them know how you can help them and why.

Splendor produces custom-designed, world class website solutions that revolutionize the way your business communicates with your customers.

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Logo Design Services

Branding, identity design, and logo design are important aspects of any business or organization. With a powerful logo, there is an instant elevation of your brand and what you offer. It communicates professionalism. It communicates success.

Whether it’s on your 2″ business card or an 80′ billboard, your brand will immediately tell your customer who you are and what you stand for.

Splendor designs high-impact, one-of-a-kind brands that give your business an identity and sets you apart from the pack.

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“Build it and they will come” does not apply to the internet. Your website needs visibility and traffic. SEO is a process that ensures your site is prominently placed in search engine results pages. When potential customers search for your services and products, SEO leads them to your website.

SEO is a carefully orchestrated symphony of tactics comprised of meta data, link building, content- and code-optimization, and much more. For more than 10 years, we have fine tuned this process and garnered outstanding results.

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Copywriting Services NJ

Your marketing material must communicate with your target audience in a clear and meaningful way. The quality of your content within your website pages, case studies, customer testimonials, and print materials plays a big role in this communication.

Splendor creates intelligent content, developed for your specific target audience, composed in clear and effective language, to attract prospects and guide them along your sales process toward the finish line.

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PR Company NJ

Public Relations and Media Relations are effective ways of facilitating your business, products or services being picked up and discussed by journalists, bloggers, and social media communities.

With third party, non-biased media coverage, your business builds tremendous credibility among readers, while also earning recognition and benefit in search engines.

Splendor produces high-level results across all media channels to ensure your story gets heard.

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Social Media Services

Social media marketing allows your brand to communicate with fans, followers, and customers in an organic, customer-centric way. Through consistent, thoughtful publishing of stories and imagery, your business is able to connect with your target audience on a regular basis – where they are comfortable.

Effective social media marketing keeps you “top-of-mind” and ensures you are part of the discussion when your prospects are ready to move forward.

Splendor executes successful, branded social media campaigns to build your brand and promote your message.

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Email Marketing NJ

Engaging your audience with targeted, customized messaging can be extremely successful via email marketing. Whether it’s announcing a special service or offer or providing a roundup of recent news, email is an effective way to stay in touch with your current customers and prospects.

Email campaigns also provide powerful data and analytics to ensure your message is on target and incites action.

Splendor creates compelling email content, coupled with visually engaging design to drive your message home.

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Consulting Services

Successful marketing campaigns don’t happen by accident. Every business requires research, discovery, and analysis.

Defining your business and what you offer, as well as your customers and what they are looking for, are important in constructing a program that will meet your needs.

Splendor takes this information and then identifies the optimal set of techniques and tools to formulate a strategic plan for your business. We consult with you, we drive the process, and we deliver results.

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Library Logo Design Logo Design for Monroe Township Library
Liquor Web Design Figenza Vodka Website Design
Security Company Website Supreme Security Website
Tech Brochure Design Brochure Design for Addteq

industry focus


Healthcare organizations have unique parameters within which they are permitted to market themselves. We help you navigate.

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Construction firms require effective marketing solutions based on industry knowledge and user engagement. We’ve got that.

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commercial real estate

The commercial real estate industry evolves quickly, and your marketing efforts must be agile. We’ll keep you current.

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In the liquor industry, image is everything – but there are rules. We balance great design with extensive industry experience.

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Legal, financial, and other professional services provide intelligence and expertise. We make it look good.

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robotic surgery

Robotic surgeons have specialized training that referring physicians and patients need to know about. We get your message out.

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No matter what industry you are in, we’re here to listen and to help you formulate and execute the best solution for your business.

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10 Key Elements Of Splendor’s “SEO Smart Sweep”

This highly effective method has evolved as the rules of SEO have changed, setting the stage for ongoing SEO campaigns. The SEO Smart Sweep is based on 10 key elements…

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Library Web Design

UX Design: How to Craft a Positive User Experience

While successful web design is a combination of art and science, it is imperative to first define “successful” in order to apply the science and the art.

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